OASIS Sustainable Schools

OASIS (Organizing Action on Sustainability In Schools), established in 2008, is a consortium of 43 schools in Central New Jersey that work together to educate ourselves and share ideas about sustainability, to learn from the experiences of colleagues, and to create events and resources. Our goal is to help all area schools become more sustainable.

This video provides a snapshot of our vision and culture.

The only criteria for admission to the group are an interest in sustainability and a willingness to work for it. No prior knowledge is required. Our goal is to bring these discussions back into our own schools in an attempt to educate, inspire, and encourage others to participate in sustainability efforts in the areas of curriculum, organizational behavior, and facilities. We recognize that we are all working on similar issues and can help each other move the process along faster through cooperation and support.

OASIS also creates and organizes community events and workshops for educators, students, and school staff. All are free and open to the public.

Each school supports the organization by designating a coordinator whose job is to attend the meetings, publicize the group’s work within the school to faculty, staff, and administrators, and participate on an OASIS committee. Any number of faculty or staff from a participating school may attend. Schools rotate hosting the seasonal working meetings.

The OASIS Executive Board is comprised of volunteers from member schools. The current Board members are: Board Chair: Liz Cutler, Princeton Day School (emeritus); Treasurer: Darren Malone, Stuart Country Day School; Secretary: Margo Andrews,  The Pennington School; Website Co-Manager: Kari Lloyd, Kreps Middle School (East Windsor Regional School District); Website Co-Manager: Steve Laubach, Lawrenceville School; Carolyn McGrath, Hopewell Valley Central High School; Sam Kosoff, Green Schools Alliance.

For additional information or to sign up your school, please contact Liz Cutler at lcutler6@gmail.com

In 2017, the second chapter of OASIS was formed to serve the North Jersey community.   OASIS NNJ holds meetings for sustainability-minded educators, administrators, and facilities managers several times during the school year to support and encourage each other.  If you are interested in the OASIS NNJ group, please contact Ben Rich at BRich@MKA.org.